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Monday, August 30, 2010

Small Business Web …. Business Applications Resource

One key thing that can really help with small businesses when they're getting started is to find ways to keep their costs and technology overheads under control.

Almost any new business these days is going to require some essential technology to get off the ground - the standard suite of office apps (word-processing, spreadsheets, email, etc.), plus a system for bookkeeping and. perhaps, tools that will help with project management, CRM, email marketing and other stuff.

Buying software packages the old-fashioned way, then installing all the applications and learning how to make them work together can require a major investment of time and money, and create massive headaches for small business owners who just want to get stuff done.

The mission of the Small Business Web is to make it easy for small businesses to find useful tools that just work together. The Small Business Web is a movement to bring together like-minded, customer-obsessed software companies to integrate our respective products and make life easier for small businesses. They’ve assembled an easy-to-use directory of some of the coolest companies working together to better serve the small business market.

With more business applications up into the cloud, small business owners stand to benefit from reduced cost, reduced complexity, increased security and mobility, and ever-greater integration. Many of the apps listed in the Small Business Web directory are also available through the Google Apps Marketplace – so you can use a single sign-in to make your documents, email, calendar, billing, bookkeeping and other key business needs all work together seamlessly.

With every additional company that joins the Small Business Web, the dream of the original founders expands: one small step for the Internet, one giant step for small businesses.

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