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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Improve Your Online Presence

There's a new company called MapWide that I think could really be a great tool for small businesses, especially those that are looking for a better online presence.

MapWide is essentially a network of industry specific sites (MapDentist.com, MapDoctor.com, MapAuto.com, etc.) that allow people to search for businesses in their area by zip code. Businesses can sign up for the service, and guarantee their listing will show up in the search. Having a MapWide listing also gives companies a rich-format profile page with all of their information, set up for them, but that they can easily edit and manage themselves. Along with the local search capabilities, each site is equipped with industry specific forums, chat rooms, and online coupons and specials.

I think the filtered-target results the search engine offers is really valuable to consumers and businesses. An online presence is essential in today's market, and MapWide could be a great way for small businesses to start that presence.

You can check out more here: MapWide

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