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Monday, July 26, 2010

What Makes A Press Release Newsworthy?

If you can craft a press release that ties in your product or service with a current event - or "creates" a current event involving your product or service that relates to current events, you'll often find that it attracts positive media attention leading to print, radio and television interviews.

Here's an example:

Two summers ago, comedic couple Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel were making daily headlines after breaking up.

At the same time, T-Dub Sanders was trying to increase his exposure for his new relationship book/guide on how to make up after a break up.

The following press release was crafted to create an "event" - an offer actually - that tied in his book in with this current event:

Jimmy Kimmel and Sara Silverman

Within hours, this press release began showing up on news searches related to the couple's breakup and also led to T-Dub being contacted by a large radio station for an interview on his book.

A long time expert in the field of publicity - especially with press releases - is Paul Hartunian. He's credited with being the first man actually "sell the Brooklyn Bridge" - he even got a mention on the Carson Show. Today he still teaches people how to get free publicity for his products and services. You can learn more about and from Paul here:

Paul’s Publicity Blog

The most timely is news relating to ….

1. Something that has happened.
2. Something that is happening right now.
3. Something that is happening in the future.

Some products are newsworthy (like Apple just announced new technology and you send out a press release that your next edition will include that technology).

Events are newsworthy. So are current trends.

Unless the person is a superstar or has a strong story, I don't think who you hired to be the new VP is that newsworthy. Neither is your new web site (put it in context of a bigger story).

I like studies, top tips, expert opinion relating to something that is going on right now in your industry, in the mainstream, etc. Want to take the temperature? GO to Search Twitter and type in a word relating to your news, competitor, industry & see what people are saying. That will give you a good idea what's happening right now.

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