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Monday, July 19, 2010

Referrals Are A Great Source Of New Business .... How To Work With Charities & Get Referals

Here is an idea to pump potential new customers into any small business … new or existing.

Approach charities in your local area to get a list of donors that already give to the charity. The United Way is a good place to start. Most United Way donors make advanced pledges or set goals to give a specified amount to the United Way.

Now approach the executive sponsor of the United Way donation drive and make a proposal. Propose that for every referral that is sent from their organization to your business, you will take a percentage of your sale and donate it to the United Way (or whatever charity they are affiliated with) in their name.

This partnering approach will work with most any charititable organization in your area. The bigger the better ... as the larger charities will afford you more visibility and referals .... but don't get hung up on size. It's more about getting your name out in front of more people. No matter who, where, or how many.

You brand yourself with the charitable giving community …. gain new referral customers …. and get a reputation in the community as being civic minded and involved with worthy causes. All in all … good for business.

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dmjs said...

Michael - What a great idea to partner with a non-profit. I worked with our local United Way for two years. I am going to approach them about Savings Highway because SH is saving people money on everything they are already purchasing.

The people already involved with SH are giving,caring people. New people coming in will realize that and will follow in their footsteps. Wonderful! Win-Win for everyone!

An example of my most recent savings:
I got a $100 gift certificate for $40 to celebrate my birthday last week at one of Greensboro's finest dining establishments. A savings of $60! Not bad.

Thanks for the great tip!

To learn more about Savings Highway...

Listen to 16 minute call:



Cheers everyone!