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Monday, July 12, 2010

Franklin Covey 's Business CRM

Have you heard about Franklin Covey 's Business CRM that works great for independent contractors?

As you are probably finding out there are numerous hosted CRM systems that provide you with a variety of features and services which may provide a full solution or a partial solution for every business.

I have heard there are more than 190 CRM solutions on the market today— (which I have never validated ).

A CRM technology which integrates Business Process Management (BPM) through an easy to define automated engine should be a serious consideration when seeking a solution. It also needs to allow for complete collaboration with decision makers in the process i…. for example customers, partners, affiliates, investors, etc. It should also have a module which allows for e-commerce capability and connectivity with Vendors ERP Systems.

More importantly you should be able to build the process ….. and the application does the work and keeps you and your team on track.

What else I have found to be a great CRM / technology is it needs to have Productivity Methodology applied to it. Tracking your Goals, Values and Priorities you get more done in both your personal life and professional life. This will not only empower you but your team as well . You have to have good proven Methodology with Technology for your team to know what their highest priorities are for the day, week and month without having to ask :)

With that said, you should look at Franklin Covey 's CRM PlanPlusOnline for business's.

Franklin Covey is a worldwide leader in organization effectiveness. It's technology with Franklin Covey’s proven productivity methodology that users are able to quickly adopt and use to prioritize their tasks, mission statement, values, goals, top priorities, and daily activities.

You combine that with typical CRM applications such as Sales, Support, Marketing, and Projects, and you end up with a solid online application that is customizable for any business process, including non-profit companies.

The following link will allow you to create a VIP account for a test drive of PlanPlus Online

Plan Plus Online


Andrew said...

my company used Plan Plus Online having been fans of 7 habits and checking out the features. We paid for a year-long subscription and had our administrative assistant take a week long class from Franklin Covey to manage it. while it is better than nothing I cannot recommend this product .
My friends received an announcement about http://rule.fm as an project management program that will have a more functional and reliable platform than Plan Plus. It looks like it launches in August. I've subscribed for an invitation to beta for my company.

Local Internet Marketing said...

@Andrew, why wouldn't you recommend it? What are you using currently?


Matt said...

I've been comparing Plan Plus Business CRM to Office Auto Pilot. So far, my experience with Plan Plus is that their sales team consists of a young sales guy, who is the sales manager, and one other rep.

The sales mgr is way too focused on himself to be a true service to me. The response time with both sales guys has been slow, especially for a hot prospect who is ready to make a decision in the next 48hours.

It seems the company is spread thin, so I'm concerned about the Support I would receive if I went with them.

If anyone has experience with the product/company, I'm all ears. Thank you.