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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How To Create A YouTube Video To Market Your Small Business Online

My friend Hani Mourra has a series of 7 free videos that will walk you through the steps of how to create your first YouTube video ..... and how to use it to market your small business online. If you have always wanted to use online video as part of your marketing strategy but didn’t know where to begin ..... these videos are just for you.

Here are some of the topics you'll learn about:

- A simple step by step process to record, upload and get your videos ranked in the Google search engines

- What equipment you need to get started (90% of which most of you already have)

- How to overcome your fear of using online video

- Great content ideas for your videos

- 3 strategies to build trust with your prospects so they’ll buy from you

Hani also has another free video series on the 7 Common Mistakes People Make With Online Video Marketing.

For more information and get your free video series go to....

How To Create A YouTube Video

7 Most Common Mistakes


Internet Marketing Service said...

A great resource for business owners who wary of creating online video is Animoto. It's a great easy way to get started and get your feet wet.


Hani Mourra said...

Brad..you're so right! Animoto is so simple to use and creates professional video slideshows...something you would see in Hollywood! I've put together a walkthrough video of how to create your first Animoto video:


Another great tool for creating professional Hollywood style stunning high impact videos is called Killer Sales Video. It is so simple to use, just fill out a form with the text and images you like, choose a professional template and you get a video within 24 hours which you can them post on YouTube and other online video sharing sites.