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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Office Tools Suite For Starting A Small Business

Office123 provides a 360-degree suite that covers all the tools a starting business needs.

A startup or a small business is in no position to squander funds on expensive office tools. But a CRM or a project manager are necessary for efficient collaboration. Rather, the smart entrepreneur looks for different services online to cover their temporary needs. Soon, there is no clear picture of what is where, account details get misplaced and there is the constant hassle of importing and exporting between services. If exporting is available at all. What if this could be improved? There should be one portal for the needs of the office.

Office123 covers a whole variety of business tools starting from contact management all the way to accounting, with a project manager in between. The different modules work seamlessly with each other, as the data from CRM is shared with the accounting module. Juggling between different software is no longer needed.

Being based on open source, the rate of development of the software is immense. Also, the core is made up of award-winning and highly popular software, which makes it a solid contender for any big software companies out there, with the price suitable for small business - free!

Try it for the CRM and stay for the additional modules!

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