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Monday, December 28, 2009

Small Business Sales …. How To Improve Your Numbers

Here's a question I've been asking lately:

If Sales Meetings Were Optional Would Your Sales Team Attend?

If You Only Charged $1.00 Admission Would Anyone Pay?

Sales managers are busy. I know. I’ve been there too; scrambling around at the last minute for something to talk about that’s positive, motivational, relevant and most importantly, valuable.

Sales meetings should be a place for mentoring, sharing, teaching, discussing and learning.

But far too often, sales meetings become mere housekeeping sessions - a platform for marketing, accounting, manufacturing, shipping and other
department heads to complain.

That's why any business with a sales team needs to read the latest industry insiders' report: “Get ‘em Good or Get ‘em Gone! - Instant Sales Strategies for Time-Starved Managers.”

The report is a no-nonsense, real world, industry insiders’ perspective for sales managers who want to dramatically improve their sales teams today!

How To Improve Your Sales Numbers

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