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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Affordable Business Travel For Small Business

What is the primary purpose of business travel? Doing business, of course!

Let Horizons Aloft consultants show you how a private aircraft can make your business more competitive.

Every major corporation has access to private aircraft. They understand that all the problems associated with airline travel costs the company productivity and therefore, money. It's time for small and medium businesses to leverage aviation like the biggest companies. And just like small companies are more agile with lower overhead than their larger competitors, smaller aircraft are likewise more agile and less expensive than their jet-powered cousins.

Horizons Aloft is an aviation consultancy that specifically shows small businesses all the ways that aviation can help realize savings in time and cost, while offering the highest quality in safety. Commercial airlines are in the business of moving a lot of people efficiently, which is not necessarily the most effective and/or efficient for your company. Aircraft brokers, dealers and self-appointed experts often have hidden agendas, however at Horizons Aloft your business and its unique needs are our only concern.

They understand the challenges and opportunities that are unique to the small business community. There are cost effective ways to get into aviation without having to spend millions on a private jet and professional pilot. Their mission is to find the perfect fit between the travel needs of your business and its travel budget. With a multitude of ownership, rental, and charter opportunities, there is no need to continue using a travel system that is not designed specifically for your needs and the needs of your customers.

For more information go to: Horizons Aloft

Monday, December 28, 2009

Small Business Sales …. How To Improve Your Numbers

Here's a question I've been asking lately:

If Sales Meetings Were Optional Would Your Sales Team Attend?

If You Only Charged $1.00 Admission Would Anyone Pay?

Sales managers are busy. I know. I’ve been there too; scrambling around at the last minute for something to talk about that’s positive, motivational, relevant and most importantly, valuable.

Sales meetings should be a place for mentoring, sharing, teaching, discussing and learning.

But far too often, sales meetings become mere housekeeping sessions - a platform for marketing, accounting, manufacturing, shipping and other
department heads to complain.

That's why any business with a sales team needs to read the latest industry insiders' report: “Get ‘em Good or Get ‘em Gone! - Instant Sales Strategies for Time-Starved Managers.”

The report is a no-nonsense, real world, industry insiders’ perspective for sales managers who want to dramatically improve their sales teams today!

How To Improve Your Sales Numbers

Friday, December 25, 2009

Weekly "Open House" Presentations For Training On How To Build A Custom Small Business Website

SBI's eLearning is made for the large and growing market of people who want to learn how to start a business online in live course format -- those who get the most out of learning when they are in a classroom setting, with all the advantages of a weekly SCHEDULE, one-on-one instruction and help, the social interaction of a group (they tend to keep in touch), and so forth.

Now, to help you see what eLearning is all about, SBI is offering a free, short, 30-minute, live webinar at .......

Learn To Build A Custom Business Website

..You can now be part of a live, group presentation.

These live "open house" webinars are offered twice a week and at times that suit a large number of time zones. The focus is to help you understand how you can build a successful online business.

You can ......

1) read, learn enough, and decide if eLearning is for you

2) ask some 1-on-1 questions at ..... Website Questions

- and now -

3) attend a 30 minute Webinar

Different people acquire information in different ways. By giving you access to a live Instructor and classmates on a regular basis, SBI! eLearning opens up the rewards of online business success to literally EVERYONE! The SBI eLearning value is insane compared to other online ebiz "courses" which provide no tools, only information and cost thousands.

The free, short, 30-minute, live presentation will help you get familiar with the SBI! eLearning classroom setting and curriculum .... while ultimately helping YOU open up a whole new world of income opportunities from owning your own business website.

the SBI online business-building course is based on a SiteSell Education program that is taught in over 30 colleges and universities all over the world (now approaching 40) ....... Universities

This is the perfect example of "Show And Tell".

Not only will you review what will be covered in each lesson ... but the SiteSell Education Team is on hand to answer your questions live!

You'll be motivated to learn by...

* Interaction with classmates and an Instructor who gives suggestions on Site Concepts for YOUR specific business website .

* Watching your business Web site and those of classmates evolve in just 12 weeks.

* Meeting deadlines for assignments and lessons that help your progress

* Asking questions and getting immediate feedback

* Learning bit by bit over a few months and not feeling like everything needs to be done all at once

The fact is...

There are as many reasons to enroll in SBI! eLearning as there are people who are interested in attending!

We're all a little different...but we all want SUCCESS!

Ask yourself what success looks like to YOUR business ..... and how eLearning can help you build a business to help you be successful...

Bottom line?...

You'll LEARN how to EARN .... and put that learning directly into practice!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Musings On Health Care Reform And The Affect On Small Business

I could go on forever...so much information to consider and opine upon. Who says the system is broken? The US has the quality AND level of care that nearly everyone in the world looks to with envy.

The problem is not CARE ... it is COST. So why is the proposed "solution" labeled Health CARE Reform.

Because it is care that will be affected ... not cost. Unless you consider higher costs as the outcome of the "reform" you were looking for.

HALF the reason our costs are so high is because of the quality AND level of care that (nearly) everyone gets. No other country pays for such aggressive cancer-fighting treatments, heart transplants, quadruple-bypass etc in the "average Joe" -- even if you're 80 years old or 100 pounds over-weight. In the US, it's joint-replacement surgury for everyone!

The other HALF of the reason our costs are so high is because someone will pay the price. The health companies would not charge such high rates if someone would not pay them (with government collected taxes, or by forcing businesses to pay). The critics say that already no one can afford health care. Well that is not true or the companies providing the services would not provide them, or they will lower their costs.

Is it just me, or is the plan to have the government throw more money at the problem the wrong way to go? Stop subsidizing health care with so much tax money and prices will come down. Stop increasing the burden on businesses and the prices will come down. Stop encouraging everyone to have an MRI every time they have a headache and the prices will come down.

Only problem: Perhaps the health-care industry will not be able to employ 11% of the entire work-force. But then, is it really necessary for one in every fifteen people (6.8% of the total US population) to be working full time to care for the rest of us? Then again...maybe we wouldn't need 10% of the entire population (15% of the work-force) employed in government either. That's right! Fully 25% of everyone working in the US is employed in either health care or government. What are the chances of "right-sizing" that mess without a full-blown default?

there are many people (perhaps a majority?) that feel entitled to get more of a share of the national wealth than the fair market value of the work they do, or capital they can invest, in return. They feel that the well off should be obligated to pay for the not-so well off. Government as "Robin Hood" -- take from the rich and give to the poor. Whether it's health care, unemployment insurance, social security, or food stamps -- the majority want more than they can afford. It amounts to welfare. And most have no concept of what it takes to pay for it, or the social costs.

Of course Dear Leader (sic Obama) and his cronies will push forward an agenda that will give some people subsidized health insurance with what appears to be lower premiums .... as a big portion of the premiums are paid not by the policy holders themselves, but by the rest of us. Private health care does not have that option of taxpayer subsidized premiums, so of course the playing field is not level. In doing this, more people will be lured to government programs and when private insurance cannot stay in business any longer ..... we will all either have no insurance or government insurance with few actual benefits, not because medical care isn't covered in theory, but because there is no incentive anymore to provide quality health care since doctors and nurses will become government employees.

Here a few simple solutions I think should be part of any reform plan .....

First, shut off access to taxpayer subsidized health care to illegal aliens.

Second, limit the payout on malpractice lawsuits.

Third, everyone has only a major medical policy, meaning everyone pays out of pocket all basic doctors and prescription costs, causing a market shift in doctor visit prices and cost of prescription drugs based on what the market will bear.

Fourth, elect small government members of congress in 2010 and elect a President in 2012 who believes in capitalism.

We just can't fiscally sustain this huge ramp-up in government programs and expanded control from the Democrats; it'll bring the country to where we are now in the state of CA, on the brink of financial ruin. And once these Federal programs are passed, they never go away. They only grow and inefficiently spend more & more money as time goes on as Congress approves additional programs requiring higher taxes.

This administration is not about fixing the economy; it's about expanding government control of our everyday lives and raising taxes to redistribute to the general populace to increase dependency on the gov't. They know how to grow the economy, and they're intent on doing just the opposite.

I agree that something needs to be done to fix healthcare (err costs) .... and I'm hopeful that 2010 will be an election year when it becomes clearly understood that the kind of change we've gotten in Washington D.C. ..... is not the change that we wanted.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Best Way To Build Your Own Small Business Website

Times are tough all over. Unemployment is sky-high. People are either losing jobs or afraid of losing them. So many are forced to work harder for the same paycheck. Or in the case of potential retirees, LONGER than they ever wanted to.

For those wanting to start a small business ... either from home or a commercial property ... you already know (or should) that a quality website must be part of your overall marketing strategy.

It's a fact that maybe the most cost effective "bang for the buck" in your marketing arsenal is a website. I won't get into all the specifics here (peruse the archives for more detailed articles) .... just know that your branding, market reach, and communication to/with customers and prospective customers will all benefit immensely.

To that end here's a suggestion ... take advantage of the business website development tools from SBI. Their "do-it yourself" package walks you through step by step (with live support available anytime you need it) to constructing a high quality website specificly designed to bring you interested ready to buy customers ... and keep them coming back. Your website won't just look good .... it will be a favorite of the search engines AND improve your sales conversion rate (sales ... that's why you're in business right?!).

To make it even easier .... if you've long wanted SBI! but just didn't have $299, your wait is over. During these tough times, they are introducing a time-limited monthly payment option... only $29.99 per month. Even more cost effective with the same "over deliver" approach to getting you up and running on the internet.

Here's a news flash too ... SBI has a Holiday Season Buy-1-Get-1-FREE special running. You can set up 2 business sites for the price of one. Target a specific niche market, special product line, unique service, whatever you wish. Get twice as much business .... at no extra cost.

For more information and to get started check this out ..... Build a Small Business Website

You can even ask questions here ..... Website Questions

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Ultimate Guide to Creating or Updating Your Small Business Website

Many small business owners and sole proprietors struggle to create a website. It’s simply not something they know a lot about and it’s usually far outside their own area of expertise.

Often they waste thousands of dollars on design and development to build a website that shows lots of creativity, uses the latest technological bells and whistles but doesn’t serve their business well, because they (or their web designer) did not know enough about marketing so they end up focusing on appearance rather than effectiveness.

Copying what others are doing is not the solution. Building a site that pleases your friends and family is not the solution. What if they are wrong too? And to make it worse, there's a lot of misleading information out there.

Fortunately “The Ultimate Guide to Creating or Updating Your Small Business Website” was created to help those people get off on the right track.

This is a guided program that takes you step by step through the foundational information you need to create a website that works for your business. Then you can go to a designer with all the relevant information - including your content - already defined. It increases your chances of creating a website that really makes sense for you . It saves you time and money along the way as well, and reduces frustration.

Here’s the link to find out more:

The Ultimate Guide to Creating or Updating Your Small Business Website

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Effective Google Advertising For A Small Business

You have many options for marketing your small business using Google .... search engine marketing is just one. That is .... optimizing your website to show up high in searches on specific key words in your website content that target your niche market. You want to get on to the first page when people search for your product/service using Google.

Keep in mind that if you optimize your website for searches on Google .... it will also likely do well in searches on other web directories like Bing and Yahoo.

You can also use Google Adsense or Adwords and choose between an image advert or text. The Image advert is more effective especially if in a prominent position on a web page; it is however more expensive. Your advertisement will be displayed on pages with keywords associated with your product or service. So say you sell wine. Then if the word wine is on the page, your advertisement will be displayed there.

The choices are quite complicated but Google has lots of information and videos on the use of Adsense and Adwords. Choose your words carefully. Keeping with the wine theme ....some advertisers will be advertising wine making equipment and supplies. They will go on pages that mention wine making. . Wine is obviously a key word that matches your product and also other words that wine drinkers are familiar with obviously.

Here are a few more suggestions ....

Only start using AdWords if:

1. You know exactly who you are trying to target. What do they like? What can't they stand to live without? What is compelling to them?

2. You have a very compelling proposition for those people. If you do, then you might be able to have success using AdWords.

--Make sure before you start the campaign, you know exactly what your goal is. (E.g: make a sale, get people to opt in to your newsletter, get somebody to call you, etc.)

--Research the words that match up exactly with the product/service you are trying to sell/promote. (Google keyword tool and traffic estimator can help you with your research. Sign up for an AdWords account so you can access them both.)

For instance you wouldn't want to use 'wine' as your keyword. That's way too general and you'd pay for irrelevant clicks. And it's all about relevance at Google. Perhaps 'chardonnay' is a good search term? That part you'll have to figure out with your knowledge and the Google tools.

--Make sure you use your keyword in the ad's title, in the first line of copy, and also that your landing page contains that keyword. Having these three (search term, ad, and landing page) match up is very important and affects your pricing and placement.

Use the AdWords Learning Center as much as possible. They have extremely good tools to help you become successful. Here's the link .....

Google Learning Center

Monday, December 14, 2009

Live Sales Support For Any Small Business

At webgreeter.com they provide a live sales support service for small to mid sized businesses.

Here is a brief description of their service .....

Live WebGreeter present on your website will provide immediate personal attention for your customers.

* Visitors no longer have to wait for email responses.

* Compare this with your competitor’s website who responds to emails generated on their website in 24
to 48 hours. Webgreeter on the other hand does it instantaneously. A dedicated team of Trained and Qualified Greeters who can handle multiple chats at a time; proactively greeting your visitors and offering assistance of any kind.

* Compare this to a phone support person, who can only take one call at a time. Their Automated Notification System will alert you of a problem or lead as soon as one is received or generated which means you can react instantly.

* No forwarding is required.

* The right person receives relevant information at the right time.

* Fully customizable chat integration: Personalized chat window and push buttons especially customized to integrate with your website and your brand Scheme. They become an integral part of your website and are viewed
as your own business unit.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Will Small Business Lead The United States Out Of This Recession?

Non-profit visionaries and small business know the course that must be taken and they are taking it.

These "Action People" are not in our government. They are more practical than that. They are the communicators, the true venture capitalists setting up worldwide non-profit foundations (Gates and Buffet for example). They are like the Bill Moyers, perpetually exposing waste fraud and abuse and then going one step further to fix it from the inside. They are the young inspirational members of the small business base in this country that will be tasked with picking up the pieces and re-inventing the future so our government can follow along.

We'll see every form of unique small business inventiveness imaginable - efficiently created, using technology to the max, and not seeking financing to the hilt - only the opportunity to succeed.

Small business has been the historical driver in recovery from recessions. This recession should be no different ..... except the support normally afforded these small business endeavors by the financial industry is lacking.

Existing small businesses with opportunities to expand are hampered in their efforts to grow .... and business startups, while still there are starting with little or no cash dramatically increasing their chances of failing.

I am not an economic expert, but it seems that while lip service is given to support small business by the government and financial sector .... the available credit is going to finance the government itself and those industries chosen by elected officials.

I do worry that these efforts by our Federal government (sic Obama Administration) will slow down if not totally negate any growth we could realize from the small business sector.

In order to return us to economic stability, the US will have to create 250k jobs PER MONTH for the next FIVE YEARS. There is no way that large corporations are willing to create that many American jobs. We're going to need small business.

The strength of the American economy has always been thriving small businesses - not mammoth multinational corporations or "too big to fail" banks. I think the choice is obvious...

Small business and entrepreneurial spirit is the true reflection of authentic American ideals. Those who think all business and capitalism is bad should live accordingly. Go live alone somewhere in the wilderness and attempt to survive strictly off the land for just a week...

Small businesses and entrepreneurs are key...and to do that government needs to get out of the way.

For government to get out of the way we need the conservative revolution to kick the Dem's out of control ..... and kick the Republican party bosses out so we can get back to the values of small government and personal responsibility.

The problem, folks, is job loss. The solution is "real" private sector job creation; not more government service jobs -- which are at best a short-term fix and a long-term liability.

Small business will lead us out of this recession. Small businesses have the speed and flexibility to react and adapt to changing markets and economic conditions ..... and will find a way to succeed.

The little guy with everything to lose does not have government lobbyists, or get bailout money. Instead they survive or fail in the market as it is this month, this quarter, this year. This makes small business much more motiviated to find a way to succeed.

In contrast, big business lumbers through a recession and hopes to weather the storm because they cannot react or change quickly enough. Instead, they complain in the media and get their bailout money to finance "business as usual." This lack of adaptability also killed the dinosaurs.

So our best hope for a sustained recovery ..... comes from small business and entrepreneurs.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How Small Business Can Benefit By Going Bilingual

Because of the increasing cultural diversity in America today, learning Spanish will give you the edge to successfully reach the Hispanic Market.

Currently 11.5 % of the US population speak Spanish at home. By 2050 the number of Spanish speakers is expected to increase to 530 million with the Spanish speaking population of the US alone currently increasing at more than 1 million per year.

Companies should realize the importance or reaching this fast growing Hispanic market. If your business has bilingual employees, the Spanish speaking community won't hesitate to do business with you. You will be able to service their needs without making them feel out of place.

In the private sector, Spanish speakers in an organization have a distinct competitive advantage in the work place. Our Hispanic population continues to grow with no intention to abandon their beloved language. A need for Spanish speakers in the private workplace is a fact.

In the public sector (government and education, for example), Spanish-speaking employees are especially valued. Spanish speakers who handle customer service with a large Hispanic client population can be the difference between a good first impression of the organization and a negative experience.

Having employees learn Spanish can be a great benefit to your business. If you own a business, consider going bilingual and you won't be sorry you did.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Why Is Smaller Government Better For Small Business?

In a nutshell smaller government means less regulation and hopefully lower taxes.

This allows small businesses to spend less of their potential profits on compliance and taxes .... and use more of that to grow and avoid the pitfalls that come with living on the edge.

That is why businesses tend to go where government regulations support them and get out of high tax, high regulation states and municipalities (or countries).

Small business is leading the way to smaller government in the US.

It is becoming apparent that the 81-agency US federal government ..... combined with spending at the level the Pentagon consumes ..... simply cannot be afforded any more. It is also becoming apparent that big business, Wall Street, and the existing US federal government have been .... and still are .... in tremendous collusion.

World economics, the current recession, and events such as those in Dubai will restructure the mammoth government industrial complexes that have been growing since World War II. And small business will be there to fill in the gaps, pick up the pieces, and lead the way to more efficient and affordable approaches.

It is a hard way to go but it will happen by default. It's called going broke - printing money until its value is shot - taking credit from others until the risk is so high they take their assets and walk away - becoming a third rate player because the necessary foresight is lacking.

The future is bright for small business. . They are the inspirational members of the greater/industrial business base that will be tasked with picking up the pieces and re-inventing the future. So our government can follow along, using every form of unique inventiveness imaginable - efficiently created, using technology to the max and not seeking financing to the hilt - only the opportunity to succeed.

Put simply ....... small government is better because:

* It means that the government has less power to interfere.

* It means that it has less power to tax or commandeer your income.

* It means that the government has to be more responsive to the citizens and their needs.

* It means that you can keep more of the profits that the company generated.

* It means that you have more freedom to decide what is the best policy for your company rather than the government make those choices for you.

* It means that you have greater freedom on deciding who to hire for your company.

Bottom line .... with less government involvement, you have the power to decide how best to run your business.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Much Better Than Business Blogging .... SBI 2.0

Lets get into how you can use C2's (Content 2.0 or SBI 2.0) unique benefits to create an online business presence that will simply conquer your competition .... with cold facts and the warmth of possibility.

You'll see that NONE of these points can even remotely be considered "blog-like"...

1) SBI! 2.0 is MANY-TO-MANY.

Your visitors do 99% of the work. All you do is review, edit, even optimize. Blogging is ONE-TO-MANY, where you still do all the content-writing.

Blogging is hard work, oft-described as a "monkey on your back." It's fine for a small percentage of users. The rest use it because "everyone else does."

Now, with SBI 2.0, the SBI edge is greater than ever... assuming your goal is to build a profitable e-business.

2) Content 2.0 (C2) Synergizes RSS/Blog It

(Content 2.0 is the new module that converts SBI into SBI 2.0. We tend to use the two terms interchangeably.)

As C2 pages are contributed to the content base, Blog It automatically adds these new pages to the site's RSS feed, pinging every major feed directory.

Subscribers visit. They read and comment. They don't just come to a blog and read YOUR most recent blurb and leave. They explore a full site, not a journal.

Others will then spread this content across sites like Twitter and Facebook, bringing new traffic back to the original SBI site.

Think of C2 as a super content syndicator!

3) SBI 2.0 Lengthens Your Long Tail

50% of any site's search engine traffic is made up of unique keywords. Meaning, only one visitor reached the site by one unique (often obscure) keyword phrase. This is the EXTREME end of Long Tail Traffic. If you include searches that find you a few more times, the majority of traffic is long tail. But it's work to create that much content.

Because C2 explodes the content base, the amount of Long Tail traffic keeps increasing. Diversity of content comes from MANY contributors, not one (you). And diversity means long tail traffic.

For a full explanation of the Long Tail, check out this ....

Long Tail

4) SBI 2.0 Builds Up Under-Utilized Areas Of Your Site

Because SBIers can choose which pages to include C2, they can decide to build traffic and interest only in certain areas of their site. In those areas where they don't want or need visitor contributions, or for those articles where it does not make sense, don't use it.

5) SBI 2.0 Keeps Your Site Active And Vital With REAL Content

Because your visitors churn out lots of free content, your site is frequently updated, even when you're too busy. So each SBI site remains active. The best part is, it does so without any involvement from SBIers.

And with that kind of inertia, visitors can't help but come back again and again. Ditto for the engines.

Ditto for your income.

SBI 2.0 is like an automatic traffic machine!

6) SBI 2.0 Is So Much Cheaper Than Blogging.

So why DO so many people choose to blog?

Because blogging software is free.

But hosting costs $100. And that means you get everything else in SBI, all of which is about building a BUSINESS, not a site or blog, for only $199. And that includes Content 2.0, which enables your visitors to build REAL content, not just comment on what you've written.

Review everything that is in SBI 2.0 .....

SBI Tools

You just can't get all that for $199. Not anywhere.

Blogging marketers tell you that all you need is cheap hosting and free blogging software. But over the following months and years, they'll sell you tools "to make it easier or more effective" that cost you thousands of dollars more.

Meanwhile, for $199 more, SBI provides the invaluable...

A brainstormer that helps you find a niche that is right for YOU, a SMART brainstormer like Brainstorm It, is worth hundreds of dollars. The Google Keyword tool is useful, but it's not made for PUBLISHERS. It's not made to help you make YOUR decisions. You can't buy SBI's features anywhere.

SBI's automated site-blogging combines all the power of a theme-based content site with RSS distribution. You get the best of both worlds, the worst of neither.

The constant updating of information. We delete out-of-date info, update only with what's important. YOU save time and energy, which you can put into your BUSINESS.

Form Build It, E-zines, Sequential Autoresponders, Socialize It... the list goes on and on.

From small things like Link Fix It that makes sure you never have a broken link to big things like the very best small business forums in the world, where you can get all the help you need...

There is simply nothing like SBI 2.0, not at any price.

And that is why...

If you're serious about an online presence .... you need to get started before your competition does:

SBI 2.0

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

SIM Card For International Business Travel

If you do any international travel for your business .... reliable communication is often crucial to a successful business trip. The prefered method of staying in touch is usually a cell phone .... meaning you'll need a SIM card for each location you travel too.

Or maybe not ....

OneSIMcard is a prepaid international SIM card that allows you to take your GSM mobile phone overseas, without incurring high roaming charges from your current wireless service provider.

It is VERY SIMPLE - all you need to do is replace your phone's existing SIM card with international SIM card when you travel. Save up to 85% compared with your regular mobile phone service and even receive calls for FREE in more than 54 countries. OneSimCard international mobile service works in over 150 countries.

If you are using a T-Mobile or AT&T cell phone, chances are that your handset is equipped with a SIM card. A SIM card is a small smart chip that acts as an identification card for your GSM handset.

Your SIM card is smart because it can store phone numbers and even text messages. All SIM cards have unique serial numbers that contain your account information for your wireless service provider. You can take the SIM card out of your GSM phone, and insert it into any other compatible GSM phone, and bingo - your number along with your subscriber information will register with your wireless service provider.

You may already own an original or aftermarket cell phone that you purchased while traveling overseas. If your phone is tri-band or quad-band, it is capable of international mobile roaming. All you need is prepaid GSM service and you're good to go to any of the 150 countries they cover.

To find out more about easy this can be for you go to:

International Cell Phone