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Friday, September 18, 2009

Transportation Solutions For Small Businesses

Mercury Business Services is a value added reseller in the transportation industry. They are headquartered in Boston but also have offices in New York and Chicago.

Twenty-five years ago their founder saw some holes in the transportation solutions of the major carriers. Many of the "small" businesses were ignored for the larger more glamorous accounts. With that he set off to fill those holes and Mercury Business Services was founded.

In a nutshell, Mercury offers great transportation services at competitive rates. In addition, they back that service up with exceptional customer service. For example, they proactively track each shipment and notify the client of any issues. They work with the major carrier to address these issues and keep the client informed.

Resources, both cash and personnel, are scarce for small businesses and start ups. Each person wears a number of hats. Mercury helps by becoming an extension of the clients customer service and operations saving a lot of time and money. They do the tracking. They work with the carriers should there be an issue. They fill out the international paperwork at no additional cost, etc. This saves the clients money and countless hours of additional work.

You can check the out at Mercury Business Services or view a slideshow at Transportation Solutions to get an idea how they work.

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