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Friday, September 25, 2009

Quickbooks ..... Beneficial Software For Small Business

You're a small business .... you have to function in the computer age to be successful ... and some software is a "must have" to make that happen in your favor.

Here's one beneficial software program that needs to be in your tool box .... and will definitely make your life easier:

* Quickbooks ......

In my experience, many small businesses are not very expert in managing the financial side of their business (because they're understandably so focused on creating and selling whatever their business is about).

Quickbooks is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. It enables anyone, even those without any understanding or knowledge of accounting principles, to keep an accurate set of financial records which can then be turned over to one's accountant for tax planning and preparation. Because QuickBooks is so easy to use, it also facilitates becoming more familiar with the financials of one's business and provides a clear picture of financial status (assuming it is kept up-to-date!).

Need more convincing? QuickBooks won the best Accounting / Finance software category in the Small Business Computing Excellence in Technology Awards for 2009.


Arielle at Indinero said...

You are dead-on. Finances and accounting are a pretty daunting issue for most small businesses, because they are focused on their craft.

I'm glad you brought the topic up. Not too many small businesses actually think about it.

MTMN said...

I do my husband's bookkeeping for his Internet marketing business and have found Online Quickbooks to be a godsend. The online system is MUCH faster than the desktop software, which really slowed down my system and took forever to load. Online Quickbooks costs $35 a month but saves me tons of time because it automatically downloads my business account transactions and categorizes them based on how that transaction has been categorized in the past.