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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Small Business Resource For Lead Generation

DNAVertical is an affordable lead generation program for small business. You provide them a with calling list based on your target customer criteria, you provide them with the elevator pitch and they provide you with approximately 50 outbound sales calls per day.

As they call, their goal is to set appointments and provide warm leads for follow up by your team. When an appointment is made or a warm lead is generated they will send you the contact information, and a recording of the actual original call so you can prepare for the follow up.

If the prospects are interested or ask them to send more information, they build an email list that you can then market to after the fact on a regular basis. It is a one-two punch that works nicely. They provide you with weekly call results in Excel format.

They work month to month as long as you are satisfied. If you are not satisfied after 30 days with the results .... you can discontinue the contract no questions asked. There are no set up fees or long term contracts.

On the average this program is generating 2-5 solid sales leads per week and about 5-10 new emails a day. In the matter of a month a small business could have appx. 100 warm leads to email market to once or twice a month and about 2-5 qualified prospects per week to give a follow up call to by appointment. The close ratio for the lead generated typically depends on the quality of the list you provide and the ability of your internal team to close a lead. The primary benefit to you is that your team can focus on selling instead of cold-calling.

For more information go to .... Lead Generation For Small Business

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