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Friday, June 5, 2009

How To Generate And Close Sales Leads .... eCampaigner Product Overview

Leads .... the lifeblood of every business. But the question becomes .... how to generate them, how to communicate with them, and how to convert them to sales.

Well .... here's a one way to it:

eCampaigner takes care of your daily lead generation, providing you with an ongoing source of continuous leads. They create and manage your marketing campaigns, then ensure they are executed daily so you are always adding to your pipeline.

* Obtain More and Better Qualified Leads.

* Deal with interested prospects.

* Build better market awareness.

* No marketing resource required

Using their highly targeted marketing database and yours, their solution will automatically send your customized sales messages by email to part of the database each day. This generates responses and leads in the form of phone calls and Web site visitors.

This is a much-preferred strategy to reliance on search engines because all the leads they generate for you are from pre-qualified lists. As a result, their system will make more effective use of your marketing expenditures because all responses come from a qualified demographic database in your market.

Their system executes daily marketing campaigns for you perpetually. It is designed to automate lead generation, lead management, and to create and maintain brand awareness in your market with minimal or no effort. In addition to leads, by using their automated marketing campaigns you can typically create 25% - 50% brand awareness within a year because of the frequency of the contacts.

How eCampaigner Works.....

1. They Create a Qualified Prospect Database. Based upon your exact criteria, they assemble a database of pre-qualified prospects. They can also add names you already have to this database if wished so they receive automatic prospecting.

2. They Build a Library of Sales Messages. Your web site is often invaluable in their building a large library of sales messages that will be constantly rotated each day.

3. Their System Automatically Prospects Each Day. The system wakes up each morning and sends personalized unique emails to pre-qualified prospects asking for appointments, callbacks, visits to your web site, or whatever tends to work best over time.

4. You Receive the Leads and Can Track Results. They provide the leads to you immediately, plus you receive email and phone replies from interested prospects. Further, they provide a report updated hourly showing the total emails sent, opened, undeliverable, opted-out, and clicked to visit your web site.


* Their typical customer in 2006-09* received >25% market awareness, a 7% -15% annual lead response, and generated about 700 - 1500 leads per year from a database of 10,000 names. How many prospects and sales can that mean for you?

* Their most popular feature is a report that identifies all your web site visitors from your email campaigns for sales follow-up, as well as all email open recipients.

* Their solution complies with the Can Spam regulations.

Click on the following link for a product demo:


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