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Monday, May 11, 2009

Tea Party Protests .... The Small Business View

I could not attend a TEA party, but I was thrilled that they were so successful.

For those interested the next TEA Party Day is July 4 2009. More info can be found on Tea Party Day. Organization is well underway for cities all over the United States of America - it is time to hear from those of us that are usually silent.

I understand that small businesses will be allowed to exist in the foreseeable future, but the burdens placed upon them will be great, and far fewer people will take the risks required to start a business if the government is going to impose such burdens.

I'd be glad if the federal government did what it was meant to do ... preserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Not invade every facet of my life and business and control me beyond all limits.

The Tea Parties are about promoting the free market economy and letting it flow naturally without government intervention and ridiculous taxes and spending. We will recover from this recession, that's for sure...because we are America, an incredibly resilient nation. That being said, it'll take longer to happen with this level of government expansion our demagogic liberal president is furthering.

My concern is that the movement will die down because the people they attract are going to get discouraged by the lack of media coverage (and the false accusations of racism and hate), and begin to feel that they can't make a difference.

For those who really want this movement to grow, we have to adjust our expectations:

* there will be no coverage on the news no matter how big and how successful the movement is - any coverage we do get will be negative and insulting (and probably filled with lies and misinformation).

* Any one person who acts inappropriately will become front-and-center for the cameras and media reports - expect both that there will be those people and that the media will still be running the footage four years from now.

* Like any other movement, we've got to make it appealing for others so that they have a reason - an investment - in what they're doing.

I think that the Tea Parties are a great idea. The government isn't perfect and I would hope that they would appreciate some constructive criticism. People who disagree with this current administration are simply exercising their first amendment rights: they would be less than patriotic if they remained silent. It's a shame that the vast majority of the media downplayed the demonstrations and actually took out time to make fun of the demonstrators -it was down right juvenile. Who in a free society isn't bothered by that?

It took our President some time to admit that he knew about the Tea Parties (and he did it rather sarcastically) but I certainly hope, especially because he has no business experience, that he will be a little more attentive to the Small and Medium-Sized business owners and their concerns. <--That is where our national rebound is going to come from. If they get taxed into poverty, so goes the country. Hooray to those that were able to participate in the last Tea Party...I plan on attending the next one.

With continued and sustained effort, we can build a coalition of activists who, by the 2010 mid-term elections, can wipe out these corrupt congress members and senators and put the President on notice that we will not allow him to advance socialism in the United States.

As Lady Margaret Thatcher said (and I have to paraphrase), "The primary problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money."

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