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Friday, April 17, 2009

Small Business Resource .... Online Tool For Offline Networking

MeetingWave.com is a free patented online tool for networking offline for business, professional or social purposes. Although still in beta, their members are posting invites to meet new clients, make new contacts or find new jobs, among other things.

MeetingWave allows its members to set up networking meetings that are open to people they have never met using the following simple steps:

Step 1: Members can post Invites that describe the type of people the member wishes to meet or the purpose of the proposed meeting.

Step 2: MeetingWave would then notify the member by email each time someone accepts their Invite. The member can then approve or decline each acceptance of their Invite -- and can do so for any reason.

Step 3: MeetingWave then notifies the individuals who accepted whether he or she may attend the member's meeting. Only "approved" people may attend and the meeting is only confirmed when there is at least one approved acceptance.

Thus, the member posting the Invite ultimately controls whether the meeting will happen and who may attend .... providing a flexible, versatile tool for offline networking.

Members can post Invites for coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks or any other activity to meet new clients, network with others in their industry, recruit new team members, find new opportunities or jobs, or make new business contacts or friends.

Or, a member can browse through Invites posted by others and accept those of interest. If the other member approves the acceptance, the meeting is confirmed and the member is invited to attend the networking meeting. MeetingWave recently launched Meeting Alerts .... which allow members to save Advanced Searches (e.g., a search by zip code or keyword) and MeetingWave will notify them by email when an invite gets posted meeting their search criteria.

The process is free and open so you may receive a wide range of invites ..... but each member decides which invites to post and which to accept.

To learn more go to: Networking Online And Offline


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