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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Simple "Go Green" Ideas For A Small Business

This is just a list to get you started thinking about going green for your small business. If you have other ideas/tips .... please share them as comments.

1. Recycle all recyclable products (check into it - you'll be surprised how many things can be recycled).

2. Turn off machines or use smart strips to control phantom power usage.

3. Work close to home or at home to reduce transporation costs and fuel usage.

4. Reduce paper print jobs wherever feasible, use Internet- or email-based FAX, etc.

5. Use common sense for your micro-environment: use natural cleaning agents for cleaning, keep air filters clean, replace old fluorescent tubes and ballasts, etc.

6. Reduce heating and cooling expenditures by utilizing natural sunlight, opening and closing vents and windows as needed, and other climate controls.

7. Use recycled paper goods for shipping and packaging, stationery, labels, etc.

8. Support other local businesses that are conscious about about being green and tell others about your own efforts.


Chris Kim said...

A small business could use online payroll (with direct deposit) to eliminate paper forms and checks.

Hope this helps!

Chris Kim

Anonymous said...

To add:

Turn off lights when you leave a room! (Many things your dad told you back in the day still hold true.)

Shut down your computer when you are away from it for more than an hour. Set your power management options to automatically put your computer in sleep or stand-by mode after 15 minutes of idleness.

Make sure all your electronics are Energy-wise.

Disable your screen saver.

Remove incandescent light bulbs. Use fluorescent bulbs instead.

Get a water filtering pitcher for water, instead of buying plastic bottles of water.

Use rechargeable batteries.