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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

YouTube And Video Marketing For Small Business .... The Benefit Of YouTube And Google Together

Marketing your small business .... especially in todays economy .... needs to "get out of the box". Be creative .... look for every option that puts your business in front of potential customers. There is no wrong answer.

That said .... here's a question to get your creative marketing juices flowing ....

Is YouTube more beneficial than Google for generating traffic to your business website site?

This depends on your business and what you are marketing. It is that simple.

If what you are marketing is already mainstream and viral in nature, then YouTube may be the ticket to online success. But if it is the new version of Ginsu Knives, chances are that YouTube will not be as effective as keyword searches in Google.

You would not advertise a rock star in a gardening magazine, would you? Every product, service and business has certain ways to market that are best for them. It is our job as marketers to decide what is best for our "stuff", and test, test, test!

The great thing about YouTube and Google as a team is ..... YouTube videos tend to rank high in the results for the keywords targeted on your YouTube Description area. So really you are using BOTH.

Be sure to find the keyword you want to target before you post to YouTube. Or else you could end up in a saturated market and get over run. I personally use google to get my traffic, I am a little camera shy.....

However, I believe that you should strive for traffic from all sources possible, not just Google (even though it's a big player for traffic).

For example, there's a fairly new program available for video submission called Magic Video Marketing. With this tool .... if you're camera shy you don't need to capture yourself, but rather create slideshows and then record presentations over the top and submit that as a video.

Of course you can still do a regular video too.

The program then submits the video to over 35 video hubs automatically, then to blogs, then strips the audio out of the video and posts to podcast hubs.

So in essence you're not just using Google or Yahoo directly. You're going about getting listed highly in their hubs, but in a very indirect yet effective way through the savvy use of video marketing.

Hope this makes sense?

I can see the raw potential of a tool like this ..... submitting videos to many hubs at once for traffic generation. Does anyone else?


Jaz said...

Website video marketing is an optimization technique that utilizes videos instead of the simple text-graphic combination.

dileep k said...

Impressive! I really like your blog.
Thanks for the post.
YouTube for business