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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Small Business Fax Service Resource

All to often, a new business with a need for corporate faxing either spends big bucks on a fax server, or ends up disappointed with a consumer oriented e-fax type service. They later come to regret that decision much as they would have had they chosen AOL as an ISP instead of a business grade service.

desktopFAXservice.com functions as a business grade fax service agency (not unlike your insurance agent)... gathering the information about your exact faxing needs, and then helping you get the best deal possible with a best of breed business grade fax service.

They have 21 years of experience in the outsourced fax marketplace.

Your business relies on faxing - they know that.... and their service is free.

To learn more go to: Small Business Fax Service

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