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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Small Business - How To Manage Your Time

Most of us view time reporting and approval as a standard business function for many small (and large) service organizations. Though there are many feature rich solutions in the market to choose from ..... many a business or non-profit just needs a time tracking and approval system that is simple, convenient, and inexpensive. TimeXchange.net fills the niche.


Their emphasis is focused on two key points - make the set up of projects and time entry easy, and connect everyone in the reporting and approval process regardless if they are inside the company's walls or not (including clients and distributed project teams).

The solution that most organizations employ when all the bells and whistles are too much is the good old spreadsheet. It's inexpensive, but basically electronic paper that gets printed in the end. With the TimeXchange system you get a web-based exchange where a project is created, team members are defined by role and invited to the project, and approvals take place before a single piece of paper is wasted. They also have some convenience features like seeing where you are against a budget of hours while entering time .... and an iPhone companion app that can capture time and send it to your TimeXchange account to be edited and submitted for approval. They also provide an option of using a timesheet time entry method (duration) and a timecard entry method (time in/time out). Nothing fancy, just easy.

For users who just need basic time reporting and approval the key is to keep it simple. The fee to subscribe to our service is $19.95 (non-recurring) and any member can connect with any other member for no additional cost. Hopefully you spreadsheet users will find that interesting.

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Unknown said...

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