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Friday, January 23, 2009

Where Can You Find Free Training On How To Sell Your Small Business Services Online?

There are many quality free resources available for small business owners in all kinds of things. Sometimes though you just need to pay for it to get what you REALLY need.

The one resource I would definitely recommend even though there is a cost is a membership to TechRepublic. It provides a plethora of resources to include training, contract templates, etc.. for all areas not just IT.

Another resource with a reasonable cost I highly recommend is the full SBI package for creating a custom business website that includes built in SEO features to kick start (and maintain) your online marketing at a higher pace. You can learn more at .... SiteBuildIt

SBI also has free training for selling your services online at Service Masters

More resources which I find value added are:

* Free Sales Training - this site has many other free sources as well for all aspects of running a business

* Online Business Toolbox

* Free Online Sales Training

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