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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Online Bookkeeping Resource Tool For Small Businesses

The recently launched beta version of IAC-EZ is an instant, affordable, online bookkeeping application for small business owners.

Based on their belief that self-employed individuals and small business owners should be able to manage their own books to stay in better control of their business ..... without having to struggle, spend money or learn complex skills ..... IAC-EZ is designed specifically to take the hassle out of bookkeeping for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

You can try it out for free at IAC-EZ

Want to know a little bit more? Here's a testimonial from happy user Alexander McMillen, President/CEO of Sliqua.com.

"With previous bookkeeping solutions, such as Quickbooks, I was reluctant to keep up-to-date records and would put things off to the last minute. But with IAC-EZ, not only is keeping up with the books easy, but it's FUN. I cannot believe that I'm saying that bookkeeping / accounting software is actually fun to use, but it truly is. Within a matter of hours, I've already imported three months of expenses with ease, and all my customers and invoices were imported from Freshbooks automatically. IAC-EZ is really Bookkeeping MAGIC in the making. Great job folks!"


Chris Monaghan said...

I'd also like to recommend Time59 (www.time59.com). It's a Time and Billing application for solo professionals. It includes time and expense tracking, online invoicing and accounts receivable. Only $49.95 per year for unlimited use.

BeccaGirl said...
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BeccaGirl said...

This is a great post. I've recently started a small blog dedicated to making accounting simplistic so I could post info that I find helpful. I have worked in the accounting and tax preparation field professionally for the past 11 years and thought, why not share some things I've learned! I like your blog and will be back for inspiration and more tips I can share with my readers as well. I'd love to try this online software you've mentioned. We need a new system for invoicing and A/R here in our office too. Have a great day!