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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Benefits Of Using A Virtual Assistant

Before I even mention benefits .... this point needs to be made if you are seriously considering using the services of a Virtual Assistant (VA).

Screening the individual is key .....

1. Know what skillsets you want .... strong writing ability, independent thinker, self starter, time efficient, computer program literacy, etc.

2. Ask them to demonstrate .... don't just ask them if they have these qualifications: "While we're here on the phone, could you quickly draft me a letter that discontinues a professional relationship? Give it any recipient name you want". The same applies for online conference software programs, phone behavior, and spelling.

3. Consider using a VA outsourcing company (there are loads out there) and ask them questions about how they screen for consultants.

4. Use a probationary period.

5. Be capable of clearly communicating your expectations and instructions. Too many overlook their role in the successful outcome of using VAs.

The benefits of working with a virtual assistant are impressive for any small business ..... you can:

* Gain new business
* Increase your profits
* Grow your marketing campaign
* Foster improved customer relations
* Provide personalized follow up
* Amplify productivity
* Enjoy success
* Exceed goals
* Expand customer base
* Dedicate your time ON your business

As for the benefits of Outsourcing.....

* No vacation pay
* You pay for ONLY time on task
* Handles your seasonal projects
* No need to buy office equipment
* No computer training
* Convenient when your staff is overloaded
* No additional office space is needed
* No health benefits to pay
* No extra money for workman's comp. ins.
* YOUR expert is ONLY a click away

Keeping this in mind, it is vital to establish goals, responsibilities, expectations, and accountability. Setting clear project descriptions will help to ensure you received your desired results. Communicating your needs, values, and desires to your VA helps to lay a proper foundation for mutual success and growth.


erin said...

Good points. There are clear advantages to having a virtual assistant, especially if you're in an office where space is tight. But I like the advice to get a practical sample of work - so many people talk the talk but can't walk the walk.

Gazelle said...

Thanks for giving your readers some very crucial things to think about when working with a Virtual Assistant. Take care and God bless.