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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hosted Video Surveillance Solution For Small Business

There is a large demand for a cost effective, professional grade video surveillance solution for small business and residential users. This has become more prevalent in the last 4-6 months with our wonderful economic climate.

Secure-i.com has created a fully hosted video surveillance application where you don't need anything but a broadband connection and an HVR enabled camera.

They have mitigated the need for client side software, hardware, and administration. This alleviates the overhead costs involved with purchasing, installing/configuring, and maintaining equipment and software.

Another advantage to their hosted video solution is you don't need to know anything about your routers/switches to get it working. You simply plug it into an open port connected to the internet, log onto the website, and authenticate the camera with an access code that comes with the camera.

To learn more go to: Hosted Video Surveillance

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