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Monday, December 22, 2008

Ari Galper's "Unlock the Game" .... Is It Right For Your Small Business?

Ari Galper's "Unlock The Game" has become something of a bible for many who hope, want, need to improve their sales methods. The real question is not "is it right for your small business" .... but rather what issues you are trying/wanting to address with it.

For example .... many move into a sales environment from a technical background and do not feel comfortable with a number of sales methods they've been shown. ‘Unlock the Game’ provids a more consultative problem solving method that removes a number of sales pressure issues many are struggling with.

The reason many find "Unlock The Game" so good is it feels more natural and suits their style. Therefore they are more relaxed in front of the customer .... and can have a good discussion about whether they are offering a solution for the customer's issues.

A number of people have issues with "Unlock the Game" as Ari recommends identifying whether you can help a person .... and if not walk away rather than pressing a sale.

The area that many get the most benefit from is the cold calling process. Many quote going from not being able to cold call to almost enjoying it. "Unlock the Game" provides the confidence and technique to successfully cold call customers and get that vital first appointment. More significantly you'll learn not to take the rejection personally.

For most who read Ari's "Unlock The Game" .... it will help. If you are struggling with traditional sales methodologies it may be the answer you are looking for.

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