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Friday, October 24, 2008

What Is The Best Way To Reach Other Small Business Owners Who Need Your Service Or Product?

One of the best ways to get in touch with small business owners is to have your sales force join networking groups such as BNI, Chamber leads groups etc. These referral groups act as an outside sales force for you company and do not require royalties or commissions. It costs to join but the connections and referrals are well worth the investment.

Additionally, if you have defined the demographic you are interested in connecting with, you can generate targeted contact lists for free using your local library Research USA database.

Craigslist may not be bad but it could be sort of hit and miss. Another thing you might consider is local cable advertising as a cost effective way to reach targeted buyers and decision makers.

Probably just as useful is asking your current clientele who they know who might need your product or service. In other words .... old fashioned referal marketing.

Also try connecting with Businesses with related but not competitive products/service for joint marketing partnerships. You advertise them ....they advertise you.

Now ..... the best way to reach other business owners depends on the mindset you choose. Do you want to have the advertising mindset i.e. direct mail, tv, radio or website for business? Do you want to have the sales mindset i.e. cold-calling, and cold-walking? Do you want the word-of-mouth/referral mindset? Depending on the mindset you choose, each mindset has different strategies on how to reach small business owners.

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Allison said...

BNI and chamber groups do help pass referrals, but why not make it easier by doing it online. A new site called Referral Key has all the benefits of building a trusted network in order manage and exchange referrals, but it is done online. It is easy to use and the basic membership is free. I suggest utilizing it as another tool to help reach out to other small business owners.