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Friday, August 29, 2008

What Social Networking Tools Do Small Business Owners Find Helpful?

Social Networking is all the buzz ... and many small businesses are taking advantage of what this movement can do for their bottom line. So ... what should a small business look for first?

LinkedIn, of course. Beyond that, what resources for networking, both online and offline, do small business owners find helpful? What tools or sites are useful for more than keeping up with contacts?

From an online perspective, most offline businesses don't do much online...yet. However I would suggest that the first tool in the tool box should be a blog. It's a great way to let people get to know you and your business, share why you're different and start a conversation (via comments).

Twitter is making a lot of noise (pardon the pun) but it's still confined mostly to people that mostly do business online. But the model lends itself to letting people get to know you (and eventually buy from you).

Twitter, Ecademy and Xing are favourites - but increasingly there are niche sites appearing which in the long run have much more relevance and value.

For example IFALife.com is a social networking site that's dedicated to the needs of financial planners, IFAs and Investment professionals.

Finally - although it's not exactly a social network, but it is online - email marketing services like Constant Contact, iContact, or aWeber are all great online ways for small businesses owners to cost effectively stay in front of their prospects and existing customers.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How To Write A Business Plan

Writing a business plan is not a simple task ... nor does it need to be a painful one either.

For starters, if this is your first attempt, you should look for Govt. and Non Govt. resources for small businesses and entrepreneurs ..... like your local chamber of commerce.

For online resources Linkedin is a good start. Also try advisorgarage, gobignetwork, and similar networks to find a business consultant ready for pro-bono work.

The last thing you wanna do though is to buy a software for business planning purposes unless you need this business plan simply for the sake of having a business plan on the shelf :)

The better approach is: you should write a rough draft of your idea and everything what you think about it. Bounce these ideas at others and gather unique perspectives, feedback and more ideas, document that too. Lay out your monthly fixed costs ( rent, wages etc) along side your variable costs and then compare it with your prospective income sources. Run this schedule for at least 24 months. Use this schedule to see how much money you can go down for before the business works. Do you walk away 5 grand down after 6 months, or do you get lumbered with a hard to sell, expensive to keep, lease? Figure out, what happens if you reduce your income. Do a break even analysis - what is the lowest level at which you can make it work. Try to write something why .... and how sure are you that you will do better than anyone else who is doing the same. If you're the only one doing or planning to do this the chances are either the idea is not profitable .... or even you don't know where and who is doing it? So do more research about the business and try to figure the realistic bottom line for the business. All this analysis and work above was for your use. If you still want to do it -

Then draft a business plan using the free resources like Microsoft template and many more available in the market - this draft initially should include what you have done that makes you sure this will work. This may simply be - I have a contract, I know the business, there will be more, or it may be a thorough market research, traffic counts, industry statistics and the like. Put the schedule we did in the first place, into a spreadsheet,and lay out the rest in whichever format you like.

In my opinion, this is the most economic and realistic approach to write a business plan and not an off the shelf software which will give you a me-too business plan which to me is of no use as neither am I convinced nor can I convince any investors with that kind of auto-generated plan.
A business plan has many formats but shares a common group of elements. The one you write for yourself is different from one written to secure financing, or key employees. The place to start is not "which software to use" although that will be very helpful later.

You need to tell a story, or better yet, view it as a movie screenplay. If you can fill in the four elements below, you are well on your way to starting writing one.

The Title- The description of what your core idea is has to be compelling and not "just like all the others". Why are you different?

The Star Studded Cast- Your Customers. Who is going to give you money? Why? Why Them?

The Thrilling Action-The plot details -Money In and Money Out- financiers love this part- but in simple terms, explain the money coming in and the money going out.

The Big Finish- Answer the question Why You Will Succeed? A good crisp answer here is the capstone.

I have seen plans go forward without these key elements explained simply and clearly, but the ones who do have a better shot at accomplishing their goals.

For more information and "how to" guides I suggest looking over the resources available here:

Business Plans



Sunday, August 24, 2008

How To Sell "......" - Fill In The Blank

Whatever your business niche is, you have to SELL something. Product, service, information, and even yourself. Whatever it is you "sell" .... knowing "How To" (in a way that WORKS) will spell the difference between success and failure for your small business.

Below is a list of resources, with proven tips and techniques, that will you give you the confidence to sell ..... and sell MORE.

* "The definitive work on making ANY Website SELL!"

Make Your Website Sell

* "Turn knowledge into revenue -- how to sell "what you know" on the Net."

Make Your Knowledge Sell

* "Want to sell MORE? Become an e-persuader."

Make Your Words Sell

* Everyone should know how to write... to communicate! But many people believe they cannot write. This book breaks down the "I can't write" barrier-mindset. Learn how to create website content ... to sell.

Make Your Content PREsell

* Are you a webmaster ... or want to be one? This course shows you how to run the BUSINESS of Webmastering ... and sell your services.

Webmaster Business Masters Course

* How to sell more? Write better. Write smarter. How to write to PREsell. Then write to SELL. The only course on the Net that shows you how to do both. Plus it's free!

Netwriting Masters Course

* May be the best FREE education in selling services online you can get anywhere!

How To Sell YOUR Services Online

There you go ... plenty of "How To" roadmaps that'll give your small business an advantage ... and help you make more sales.

Is An Information Marketing Business For You??

One of the many "product" options open to you as a small business person is information marketing. Below is some wisdom on this business niche from Robert Skrob, President of the Information Marketing Association. Robert teaches burned-out business owners and consultants how to build 6 and 7 figure income information marketing businesses .... simply by creating products once and getting paid many times over. To learn more, I suggest you get yourself a copy of his FREE Video revealing how 5 info-marketers easily created fast-selling products & how you can too. It's the perfect primer for getting your information marketing business off the ground .... and into profit quickly.

Info Marketing Start-up

Information Marketing - Why You Should Start a Home-Based Information Marketing Business Now

After becoming burned-out as a business consultant who was maxed out on time, I determined that I would never significantly increase my income without taking on additional clients. This meant I had to hire more employees. Realizing that I had neither the time nor energy to make that happen, I looked to the business model many information marketers attribute to their success: Do the work once and get paid many times.

You see, info-marketers have the unique ability to sell products that create recurring income.

* Unlike Traditional Businesses, Info-Marketing Business Can Run Without These Three Things:

1. Continuous manual labor
2. Constant interaction with customers
3. Employees – except possibly a virtual assistant

Here's why.

Info-marketers put a lot of work into creating info-products such as DVDs, books, e-books, CDs, magazines, websites or teleseminars. They do a very good job at creating advertising and marketing programs to support sales. Then, they sit back and make continual profits from these products.

By creating additional similar or complimentary products and services, info-marketers are able to use their existing customer bases to generate more revenue. People who buy information products are much more likely to hire that person to perform additional services such as copywriting.

Quite simply, like other successful info-marketers, having your own published information product makes you the obvious expert. It shows the customer the complexity of the services and the special ability you have to perform them. The only possible conclusion for the buyer is that he should hire you when he needs help with his business or hobby.

* What Happens When You Go From Consultant to Info-Marketer

Today, that formerly burned-out business consultant no longer exists. I am now the owner of a successful association management company that provides coaching, marketing, consulting and copywriting services to info-marketers. I am also the co-founder of the Information Marketing Society and author of Start Your Own Information Marketing Business, an easy-to-follow manual that offers steps to building a successful info-business from the ground up. The book features 12 experts in the field of info-marketing who are considered to be some of the most successful in the industry. The group's compilation of tips is today's go-to manual for newcomers in the industry who strive to start a successful and lucrative info-marketing business.

The book offers helpful advice such as how to diversify your info-marketing business, and how to turn info-products into money-generating tools that drive million-dollar home businesses.

The info-marketing business is so diverse there is literally something for everyone. Whatever your expertise is regardless of your age or education, if you can name a topic, there is a market for creating an information marketing business. Take action and start your own information marketing business.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Is Cold Calling Really Dead?

Here's some eye opening wisdom from my friend Kathy Buck of Mayhem Marketing ......

In my travels around the net I stumble upon many "sales gurus" professing methods that guarantee results. This morning I came upon one such site, I'm not gonna give the link mainly because I wish not discuss the persons method but more so the sales pitch and it's truth.

"Let's face it - cold calling is dead. Yet, most salespeople nowadays waste tremendous amounts of time cold calling for new business despite the fact that cold calling is an old, obsolete sales technique that no longer gets results in today's Information Age economy."

What does cold calling mean to you?
Is cold calling really dead?

I'll give my definition of Cold Calling.

Cold Calling is the process of contacting a person or buisness to offer your services. You have no relationship with this entity, no formal introduction. There has been NO expressed need for what you have.

Cold Calling to me breaks into two forms of contact;
1 - face to face
2- over the phone.

I do not view e-mail, or direct sales letters as cold calls. Nor do I view handing a business card in most cases as a cold call. If a business card is given (even to a stranger) more then likely an interest in services during a chance meeting was expressed. Business cards are a form of advertising IMO.


Guilty of using the yellow pages and local classified as a lead sheet. These people IMO and based on my area of expertise are throwing valuable marketing dollars out the window! I will indeed cold call them to get my foot in the door.


"Hi my name is Kathy (insert some general chit chat) - I've noticed your advertisement in the local advertiser. Hows that working for you? *wait for response* Then I let them know exactly why Im calling. Most business owners when caught at the right time and given proper courtesy are open to new ideas to gain more sales.

I excel at face to face cold calls. Many fear this tactic - not me. A business owner when approached right is less likely to brush you off. You've taken the time to survey their shop and made an extra effort to make a connection. The opening presentation is key, in other words dont walk in with a sale in mind. - your seeking a connection and gauging mutual interests.

Waste of time? I think not. Technology is a wonderful communication tool - it is though extremely non-personal. You here it time and time again from many 'When can I speak to a real human" Pick up the phone - reach out to potential prospects. Whats the worst they can say? "NO" --move on to the next...a "YES" will come.

Persistence and a tough ego are needed in sales.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Social Radio Network - Unique Way to Market Your Business

Here's an out of the box suggestion ......

Enhance your marketing strategy to include BlogTalkRadio ...... and get your audio, video or display ads in front of millions of listeners. You can target your niche market by show, content category , or demographics .... and see (sic hear LOL) results on this one-of-a-kind social radio network.

For even more promotional reach .... consider signing up to host your own show. This obviously gives you more visibilty and control .... as well as opens up more opportunites for networking (with guest speakers, participants, and so on) .

For more information and to explore your options visit: Blog Talk Radio

Analytics Are Vital For Your Internet / Online Marketing!!

If your online and off-line marketing is not tracked by analytics I see a lot of wasted time, lackluster results, and sure trouble for you ahead.

What are analytics some may ask?


From Wikipedia:

The simplest definition of Analytics is "the science of analysis". A simple and practical definition, however, would be how an entity (i.e., business) arrives at an optimal or realistic decision based on existing data. Business managers may choose to make decisions based on past experiences or rule of thumb, or there might be other qualitative aspects to decision making; but unless there is data involved in the process, it would not be considered analytics.


So, what does this mean for you? We'll you probably have a website, if not, you need to get one, so that you can reach other people, and so that you can leverage all the awesome business building tools available to you today.

Keeping track of your visitor analytics is one of the most important marketing skills you need to learn. For example; Where are your visitors coming from? Who is sending them? How many are coming? How long are they staying? Am I using the right headline? Is my sales letter too long? Is my video working?

This list of questions could go on and on, and it is your business, you need to know the answers.

Analytics set up correctly will tell you all this and more!

A free Analytics Program is Google Analytics, it is awesome, and used to cost a lot of money monthly before Google bought it for use with their Adwords program. Best of all, it can be used on your site if you are or are not using Adwords or Adsense, and it is FREE. I love Google, when you start learning Analytics you will too.

Another really good and free one is Site Meter. I use it on my sites and I know many of my freinds do as well.

Site Meter will also tell you what page a visitor came from. For example, if someone searched for something on Google and landed on your webpage, it'll show you that particular Google search page. This is excellent for figuring out which keywords and such are driving traffic to your site or blog.

It'll also show you what country, state and town a visitor came from, their IP address, their visit length, the number of page views, as well as their entry/exit pages and outclicks.

Another free service is StatsCounter. It shows, unqiue hits, new hits, return visitors. A very good service to see how your site is doing......though I've not personally used it to know for sure.

But ..... I do definitely recommend Site Meter.

If you know of other similar tools ... and/or have experiences with those mentioned so far (good or bad) .... please share as replies.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Forbes Experts Answer Questions About Your Small Business

You have questions--probably too many to count--about how to run your small business better. The new Small Business Exchange at Forbes.com can help you find the answers.

As an SBE member, you will be part of a growing, searchable network of influential entrepreneurs, including potential customers, suppliers and competitors. Better yet, the new "Ask An Expert" feature gives you access to a cadre of experts--in various disciplines, from raising capital to online marketing--who are waiting to field your questions.

It's easy: Just choose an expert (based on the person's area of expertise), type in a question and get an answer--a real, relevant answer that will help you succeed. The questions and answers will be posted on Forbes.com for you and other SBE members to read. You can bet that learning what is on the minds of other entrepreneurs will help you, too.

The Small Business Exchange isn't just about making connections--it's about finding answers. And, really, why settle for confusion?

To become a member of the Small Business Exchange and start asking questions, just go to Small Business Exchange and click the join button.

Forbes.com Boost Your Business Contest - Vote Now

20 Entrepreneurs Survived Round One!

Welcome to Round Two of the 2008 Forbes.com Boost Your Business competition. On the line: a $100,000 Grand Prize. Twenty semifinalists remain. Now it is up to you to determine who will survive to compete in the final round.

Last year:

* 1,000 small business owners submitted plans for how they would use that money to boost their prospects.

* Five finalists made their cases before a distinguished panel of judges and millions of Forbes readers.

* One bagged $100,000.

To place your vote, peruse the contestants' full write-ups and watch their 30-second "elevator pitch" videos. Your goal: to choose the companies with the most promising growth prospects, if they were given a bit of nourishing investment capital. You may vote for a maximum of five finalists. The polls close Sept. 30, 2008. Meantime, stay tuned to Forbes.com to track your candidates' progress.

Vote Here Now

Don't Bother With Internet Marketing

Don't Bother with Internet Marketing ...... Unless you want to attract perfect customers online.

You can probably tell I've been listening to those Marketing guys again, the big gun types who psych out their customers with reverse psychology. I know, I know, but I couldn't resist trying that one.

But seriously, despite their often distasteful techniques, I always learn new things from these fellows, and I'm grateful they are so free with the latest internet marketing tips. I feel it is my role to glean the best from their strategies and translate them into a more authentic, softer marketing style that is palatable to my
perfect customers.

The fact is, more and more consumers are going online for major purchases, including for vendors and service providers of all kinds. It is becoming more and more important to be online for our perfect customers to find us, and to be online in a big way, in more than one place. The more Internet pages we can create, the more easily folks can find us.

Just check this out this for what I mean: SiteSell Services

So the question becomes, which Internet properties are the best to use? Thanks once again to my Marketing Shark buddies for answering that question for us.

(By the way ... these are in ADDITION to haiving your own search engine optimized business website .... see link above)

Do You Squidoo?

Have You Created any Hot Hubs?

Have You Tweeted a Perfect Twoosh on Twitter?

Got a Blogger Blog?

Are you LinkedIn?

If this sounds like a bunch of gibberish to you, you're not alone. But these are some of the Internet properties my friend Julia Stege uses time and again to get to page one of Google and attract her perfect customers online. (More on Julia later)

I use Blogspot (like this blog and Broadband Nation) and Linked-In (see my profile link above left) myself .... with very good results.

Chances are if you haven't heard of these sites yet, others in your industry haven't started using them in their internet marketing strategies either. The time is ripe to get on board with these free sites and start sharing about what you have to offer (authentically, of course!)

But Silly Rabbit, Aren't Social Networks for Kids?

Some of you are thinking, "well, my kids use these sites, but I wouldn't know where to begin to use these for business." Others are thinking, "I use social networks and read blogs for fun, but how can I turn that into profit?"

The fact is that billions of dollars have been spent making the new social networks fun and easy enough for a child to use. As business people, we can use this to our advantage in our Internet marketing, even if we are "Web Challenged." Because Google and other search engines tend to rank these sites well, linking to your main offering site or blog from these sites will help your search engine ranking

See How it Works For Yourself in Julia Stege's Free Webinar (see ... I told you there'd be more about Julia later) .....

If you'd like to see first hand how Julia is using these social networks to attract perfect customers online, come aboard her next Magical Internet Tour and see "How I Got to Page One of Google by Sharing Myself Authentically."

The Magical Internet Tour is coming to take you away on Friday, August 22 from 9 - 10 am pacific time.

To register, email webinar@graphicgirlz.com with the subject "Register Me in Free Webinar 8_22_08"

Or ....

Go to Teleconference for more information.

Julia is looking forward to empowering you to attract your perfect customers online!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why A Business Plan Is So Important

If you're serious about the success of your business, then you need to find ways to give yourself every advantage you can over your competition. Writing a business plan for your company is a crucial step in getting your profits to where you want them to be, and keeping you ahead of your competition!

Besides big businesses needing a business plan for funding from banks or investors .... smaller companies who do not need to rely on outside funding to get started, need it more as a company blueprint. It identifies the company's purpose, products, market and goals, as well as the steps the company plans to take to reach those goals. Pretty much your daily roadmap for actions and decisions.

There are seven main sections that should be included in just about every business plan:

- executive summary
- description of business
- market strategies
- competitive analysis
- development plan
- management
- financials

If there are any of these you would like more detail on, or you want more information of any kind on business plans (including samples) you're in luck. Simply head over to the BOIC website and load up.

Thoughts On Business Networking

I'm not even going to try and discuss business networking ... there's just not enough space here to do it justice all in one post. Besides everyone will have their own little twist or pet tip.

So .... I'll simply give you some homework so you can read, study, absorb, enlighten yourself, and create your own perception.

* First on the list is my friend Scott Allen's, "The Virtual Handshake" .... which also holds a hallowed place in our list of Recommended Resources (just peak at the menu on the left .... you have to be special to make that list).

* Next is Leesa Barnes', "Schmooze Your Way To Success".

* Lastly is Bonnie Lowe's, "Networkerholics" book ..... which includes a chapter by my friend Dean Hua. This book interviewed many of today's top business networkers in the U.S, which included Ardel Fleeson, aka The Schmooze Queen; Lynne Waymon, author of "Make Your Contacts Count"; Dan Williams of The Networking Community; Bob Burg, author "Endless Referrals", and more. In fact, you might consider getting the books of those whom you especially like after reading their interview.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

What Tools Are Important To Building A Website That Makes BIG Sales?

Site Build It! is so much more than Web hosting, or site building or blogging or online marketing tools. They usually summarize it all in this single sentence ..... "SBI! is the only, all-in-one, site-brainstorming-and-building-and-hosting-and-marketing, step-by-step system of software tools that delivers thriving, profitable business... and more."

Quite a mouthful! But that's what it is. It still amazes me that no other company has figured out that people need a clear process and ALL the tools needed to execute it.

The HUGE difference, of course, is all the tools. All of them. Integrated, which means "all under the same roof." And that means they all work together, effortlessly.

Take a look ..... Tools From SBI

This goes beyond merely answering the question ...... "What do you get when you purchase SBI!?"

You need reassurance that this is the right choice. You're likely asking questions such as .....

"Does SBI! have what I need? How does it compare with..."

Well, "Tools" gives you the answers. It's all there...

o The Preparation Process

o Building and Hosting

o Traffic Building

o Trust Building

o Monetization

o Guidance and Support

It compels you to click on each section and "get involved" with the CTPM process. And it makes a strong case that nothing else comes close to this degree of total REAL focus and the EXECUTION of success for your website.

The "Get Rich Quick" money-grabbers are everywhere. Folks can easily get lost in the online noise and think there's a short cut to Internet success. But it ain't so! A real business requires a real plan .... and a proven process .... and the right tools to succeed.

So... exactly what IS included with SBI!? Take a look. You'll see that this is NOT just another sitebuilder. As a matter of fact, I guarantee you'll be totally amazed. Most people have no idea how complete SBI! really is."

Again, see for yourself .....

What Site Build It Can Do For You

How Close Is YOUR Business To The Pot Of Gold?

Here's some insightful wisdom you can immediately apply to your business efforts. Pay attention ... you're going to learn something.

Now ..... let me tell you an interesting story.

Back in the 1800's, in the middle of the gold rush, a man named R.U. Darby traveled west with his uncle to dig and grow wealthy.

They stopped in Colorado, and Darby's uncle staked a mining claim. Both men worked tirelessly - from sun up until sun down - using nothing but picks and shovels.

The work was back-breaking, however both were driven by a burning desire to strike it rich!

Finally after much toil and struggle, Darby and his uncle discovered what they had risked everything and traveled thousands of miles for... GOLD!

Needing heavier machinery to bring the shiny ore to the surface, they quietly covered up their find and went back home to Williamsburg, Maryland to tell their family and a few friends what happened.

As you can imagine, everyone was thrilled to hear the news!

They all pitched in to buy the necessary equipment and had it shipped back to Colorado.

As a result, the work went a lot faster, and their first load of ore was mined and sent to the smelter - a factory where the metal was melted.

The money made from this confirmed they had stumbled upon one of the richest gold mines in the state.

Darby and his uncle were overjoyed!

Just a couple more loads like this and they'd be completely out of debt - scooping up nothing but pure profit.

Then something horrible happened.

The gold just vanished.

GONE. Nowhere to be found!

Both men frantically continued drilling, trying to rediscover the vein that had supplied them with so much elation and hope.

However, this time their work didn't pay off - the vein had simply dried up. (So they thought)

Discouraged and bitterly disappointed, they decided to give up and quit.

Before catching the train back home, his uncle sold all the expensive mining equipment to a "junk man" for only a couple hundred dollars.

This junk man was smart.

He quickly hired an expert - a mining engineer, to find out for sure if the vein had gone dry.

After some inspection and further calculations, the engineer said the project had failed because the two men weren't familiar with the mine's fault lines.

He predicted the vein of gold would be found three feet from where R.U. Darby and his uncle stopped drilling!

And sure enough, that's exactly where it was discovered once again.


Anyone who sets out to achieve anything worthwhile in life will face this situation at some point. Unaware of how close they are to success - most will abandon all hope and quit, right before making it BIG.

Maybe you're at this point RIGHT NOW.

Maybe it seems like this dream of being your own boss, working from home (or anywhere else you want), and calling your own shots is something that only works
for other people - not you.

Maybe you just lost your top client/customer. The one you thought was going to help fund your retirement.

Maybe the cost of your pay-per-click ads are going up because you're being outbid by others.

Maybe your website just isn't converting visitors into leads the way it was four months ago.

Whatever the case, remember this...

500 of the wealthiest people in America told Napoleon Hill (author of "Think and Grow Rich") their BIGGEST success and achievements in life came RIGHT AFTER they were completely overwhelmed by failure!

So anytime I experience what appears to be a major setback, or my goals start to seem out of reach...

I always come back to Napoleon's book and remind myself of this fact: "Failures" and "setbacks" are not actually failures. They're simply a necessary step in the process of figuring out what works - and what doesn't.

Or as ad-writer Ted Nicholas says, "There's no failures. There's only tests and results."

And think of this too .... the "junk man" made millions of dollars not because he kept digging aimlessly like the Darbys, but because he stopped and got a different perspective on the situation by seeking the advice of an outside expert.

Are you digging aimlessly in your business?

Then don't be afraid to seek advice from the experts in your business niche.

How To Create An Email Marketing Campaign That WORKS .... FREE Trial

You all know that staying in touch with customers and potential customers is a crucial part of growwing your business. This is called follow-up ... and one method that works is employing a solid email marketing campaign.

How do you do that .... effectively?

First you need a website (more on that later), then you need to try this ....

AWeber's email marketing software helps you create loyal customers out of your website visitors.

Email Newsletters - Create visually stunning, engaging email newsletters. Choose from over 50 HTML templates, paste in your own HTML or use the built-in message editor.

Website Sign Up Forms - Turn anonymous website visitors into prospects. Create signup forms with our point-and-click wizard - no need for a web designer!

Follow Up Autoresponders - Build lasting relationships with an automated sequence of personalized messages. Statistics have shown it often takes multiple contacts to maximize sales conversion.

Email Web Analytics - Track opens, clickthroughs and other subscriber activity with accurate, easy-to-read reports that show you what works and what doesn't.

Top-Notch Email Deliverability - You want your email to reach your
subscribers. Over the past 9+ years, we've developed the reputation and
skill needed to get your opt-in email delivered.

They also offer LIVE Webinar Training and Video Tutorials .....

You can even get a FREE test drive!!

Simply click on this link for more information: Email Marketing

Not Selling Any Products? Here's Why...

I received this recently via email from a good friend .... very enlightening. It's so powerful and makes so much sense I thought Ya'll would benefit. Says exactly what I think ... and do ... only better.

Not Selling Any Products? Here's Why...

How would you like to unload more product each and every month... no matter what industry you're in - and no matter what products or services you're selling?

I'd like to share a simple principle that can make you money hand over fist, leaving others dumbfounded - wondering how you consistently pull it off!

It's only 6 words and it comes in the form of a question.

Here it is:

"What Do My Prospects Really Want?"

It sounds simple I know, but let's delve beneath the surface and really get our hands dirty - because there's A LOT more to this question than meets the eye.




When I was struggling to sell stuff early in my career, I stopped taking sales advice from my family and friends .... and started getting it from real experts. The advertising pioneers... the persuasion professionals... people who HAD to know what they were doing because their job was to sell thousands of products BY THEMSELVES - using nothing more than words on paper.

I think you'd agree with me, I'd have to be crazy NOT to copy their wildly successful and proven advertising secrets (... strategies that had already made them millions in other industries) and use them in my industry – with my own business!

The following was hands down one of the most important things I've ever learned from these marketing legends and is something I'm constantly asking myself:

"What do my prospects really want?"

Let me give you an example.

Women don't want cosmetics... we really want to improve our appearance, become more attractive, and maybe (hypothetically speaking here) hide a few wrinkles and imperfections while we're at it!

Plus, it is always nice to get compliments from others - especially that special someone - on how beautiful you look.

Charles Revson, the make-up mogul who created and managed Revlon for over 50 years, clearly understood what his prospects really wanted. He was once quoted saying: "In the factory we make lipstick, in our advertising we sell hope."

Let's look at another one.

Elderly folks don't want just another bottle of arthritis pills... they really want relief from the uncomfortable pain they're always in.

And more than that, they really want to live their lives independently - without relying on someone else's help... to be able to freely move about in the garden... to be capable of keeping up with their grandkids...to finally get a refreshing nights sleep!

Here's one more - it's one of my favorites!

Back in the 1800's, Daniel Webster an American statesman, was asked by a friend to auction off his farm.

"Neighbors," he said, "we're not auctioning Tom Brown's 34 good milk cows... or 80 acres of fine land... or a sturdy home that's seen 20 winters...

"No," continued Daniel, "I'm offering you the chance of biting into a red apple with the juicy sap running over your lips... the smell of new mown hay... clear mountain steam water on your table... the crunch of snow under your feet... and the best neighbors in the world..."

After he was finished, bids from the townsfolk came pouring in - because Mr. Webster knew what his prospects really wanted!

So please, take some time (maybe even a couple of hours) and really ask yourself:

"What Do My Prospects Really Want?"

Be sure to scribble down everything you come up with. Don't stop until you've got at least a couple of pages of answers.




If you're having trouble coming up with ideas and find yourself staring at a blank piece of paper, here are a few suggestions from master copywriter and advertising great, Victor Schwab.

Your prospects want to GAIN: Self-confidence... Fame... Compliments from others... Sense of accomplishment... Improved appearance... Comfort... (the list goes on)

Your prospects want to BE: Recognized by others... Friendly and outgoing... Stylish and fashionable... Proud of what they own... "First" in things... Influential over others... (the list goes on)

Your prospects want to DO: Uniquely express themselves... Resist being controlled by others... Emulate the admirable... Acquire things... Win the affection of others... Improve themselves generally... (the list goes on)

Your prospects want to SAVE: Time... Money... Work... Discomfort... Worry... Doubts... Risk... Personal Embarrassment...

If you can combine the benefits of what you're selling with what your prospects really want, then your products will grow wings and fly off the shelves - literally!

I sincerely hope this lesson turns out to be as valuable to you as it was to me.

So ... are YOU selling any of YOUR products? If you need to improve this important part of building a successful business (obviously) .... then apply the ideas above!